Selecting Vinyl Windows Canada Among All

Vinyl windows Canada have become the most preferable and considerable type from the last few years. It’s not just about their efficiency and performance but, they have created a significant place through their durability and reliability. Nowadays, most of the homeowners choose vinyl windows over aluminum and wood but, this doesn’t mean that the two materials have lost their importance. They still have some positive aspects that encourage people to select them in certain situations.


Like other things available in the market, vinyl windows Canada are not as perfect as people would think. Their perfection and efficiency actually depends upon the type and architectural style of the home. So, it is necessary for every homeowner to analyze their home’s requirements and come up with the right material, based on the following comparison:



Wood has been considered as the window material since a long time but, it has experienced a significant drop in demand and market share. Though, the material still holds its importance due to the following attributes:

  • A genuine material
  • Ideal aesthetic fit for old homes
  • New wooden frames can be compared with vinyl windows Canada in terms of energy efficiency
  • Opportunity to design components, consisting of the options to paint or stain

Apart from these positive aspects, following factors have become the major reason of its drop:

  • Crack and rot over time
  • Need a lot of attention and maintenance
  • Prone to break-ins
  • Quite expensive


A few years back, aluminum was considered as the cutting edge but, just like wood, the material still has something to offer:

  • Durable than wood
  • Can be powder-coated or painted
  • Stronger than vinyl or wood
  • Can be recycled completely
  • Lighter than vinyl or wood

When it comes to the drawbacks of aluminum windows, experts have mentioned the following:

  • Corrodes and pits over time
  • Conduct heat or cold quickly
  • Not efficient in noise reduction
  • Quite costly


Last but not the least, vinyl windows Canada have got extraordinary popularity that is supported by the following benefits:

  • Do not rot, fade or pit over time
  • Corrosion resistant
  • More attractive than wood or aluminum
  • Scratch resistant
  • Offer maximum energy efficiency
  • Cost effective than aluminum
  • Virtually maintenance free, unlike wood or aluminum
  • Can retain their finish
  • Do not conduct heat or cold virtually

But, as mentioned earlier, vinyl windows Canada are also not perfect. They do have some vulnerabilities, consisting of:

  • Thick frames than wood or aluminum- slightly small window panes
  • Not intended for old homes, especially when it’s about authenticity
  • Components should be bought from a trusted contractor as chances are high that people might have to face a scam

With this information, homeowners can make a better decision about which type of windows they should select and why experts declare vinyl windows Canada as the best of all.

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