Water proofing system- different methods

Water proofing of basement is a process of to prevent water from breaking in the basement. This process includes different techniques and materials. Basement of many houses get filled with water because of many reason, pipe leakage, roof leakage and many other things. Storm and rain can also cause water filled basement if there isn’t any proper system of drainage. Water proofing of basement involvethe installation of drains and sump pumps, different application of sealant material, and many other things. There are different building codes for the structures of the building and the waterproofing needs those codes. These codes help to build the water drainage system. There are many places where water is higher than ground or it can build up the soil and without the drainage system water in the soil can cause hydrostatic pressure. This pressure can make water to pass through cracks of the walls and it can cause many problems in the structure of the building and house. Water in the walls can also cause mold, rot and many other problems.

There are many different methods to stop water from entering the basement of the building; these methods help to change the direction of the water from the basement towards some other safe place. Interior wall and floor sealers, Exterior drainage Interior water drainage Exterior waterproofing coatings Exterior waterproofing coatings are methods which are being used to safe building from water.

Interior sealants

After a time, the buildings made by concrete start having cracks in the walls and floors,ifthe material of that has been used for the construction of the building is good, it can take years for cracks to start appearing. But if the material is not good, the walls will start having cracks in a very short time period. The cracks in walls and pipes are the common way for water to penetrate the walls. To avoid that, people seal the cracks with Epoxies which is a very strong adhesive. Some people are also injecting urethanes in the opening of the cracks to close them.

Interior water drainage

In many buildings channels have been build around the perimeter of the basement to drain the water through them. They also install a readymade water drainage system and cover it with cement so that it does not destroy the look of the basement. The work of the drainage system is to collect the water and make it go through sump pump system and out of the basement.

Interior waterproofing

This waterproofing system is helpful when there is a minor problem of water leakage in the walls of the basement and if there is a little dampness in the floor. It is not a good option to stop big leakage problem.

Exterior waterproofing

This is the best way to avoid structural damage in the building which can happen because of water invasion. This system involves the digging of the footing of the basement. After that people wash the walls and let them dry off. After that they would seal the walls or use new tiles at the footing.

As discussed before water leakage can cause many dangerous damages to the building, if it does not get tackled on time, it can cause the walls to fall off. It can be life threading so it is better to hire professionals like basementwaterproofingli.comto resolve this problem. Allbasement proofing methods are not easy and it cannot be done by inexperienced non-professional people. So it is better to find out a company which has years of experience in the field.

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