Tips for Easier Home Electrical Wiring

No matter if you have years of wiring experience and best talent for doing so, you will still like to know these few tricks that can make things easier for you. Here are few tips from most experienced electricians sharing awesome tips, tricks and techniques. This includes everything straightening cable to labeling wires.Check out these tips for electrician singapore and we assure you that from now you will be better with wires.

How to Uncoil Cable Without Any Kinks

Straighten the cable out first to easily pull out the cable from plastic-sheathed holes in the framing. However, If you pull the cable from the center, it’ll definitely kink as you will pulling it through out the studs. Here the trick is to lift a handful of coils may be four loops that can reach around 10 ft from the center of the roll and throw them across the floor. After this, walk along the length of cable. Most of the electricians prefer this way as  they can keep the cable in the plastic wrapper for easy handling and storage

How to pack electrical boxes neatly

Do you get confused after wiring when you are not able to push the switch or outlet because of so many wires. The best way to get rid of this is to arrange the wires neatly, aftermath fold them into the box. This will keep wires neat and compactly packed. Here is how to do it-

Firstly- compile all the bare ground wires that have a long pigtail and connect them with each other After this, fold them into the back of the box except the extended pigtail. Repeat the  same for the neutral wires. Now leave the hot wire extra long and fold it back and forth  throughout the bottom of the box. Now put a wire cap on the hot wire as an identification mark. This neatly packed box  will make it easy to identify the different wires and would leave enough space for the switches.

How to remove sheathing from underground feeder (UF) cable

As you know underground feeder (UF) cable has a hard plastic sheathing that makes it easy to bury underground to satisfy the electrical code. But since it is difficult to remove the tough sheathing to remove but only when you don’t the trick. You need to start by separating the black and white wires from the copper by pulling them apart with pliers. They will be easy to tear apart once you start doing it in the flow. Now you can pull them apart once you have about a foot of separated wires. Now you have to remove the sheath from the insulated wires by pulling the one of the end of the wire with one pliers and then grabbing the sheathing with another pliers and tearing them apart.

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