Terrific Ideas for Tiny Kitchen Renovations

People that live in condos, cottages, apartments or in smaller row homes often are frustrated by their lack of kitchen space. If wondering how to renovate your tiny kitchen, consult with a kitchen remodeling expert. They will have a wealth of ideas to create a functioning kitchen space that seems larger. Tiny kitchens can generally be made to appear more spacious by utilizing more of the floor to ceiling space that is available. This type of taller storage space design can include higher cabinets, open shelves, narrower but taller pantry areas and custom designed drawers.

Often, using more drawers instead of opting for closets with doors or cabinets will work better in a tiny kitchen. This style makes accessing the kitchen items easier. There are some kitchens that truly don’t have much taller wall space. Finding ways to store kitchen essentials takes a bit more strategy when upgrading a very small kitchen space. It helps to sit down with a qualified kitchen remodeling contractor to discuss all of the options. Customized kitchen cabinetry often resolves many space problems, and it can provide an easy solution for your lack of storage spots within the kitchen.

Another great space saving kitchen idea is to find smaller made kitchen appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Many top appliance companies do offer these smaller appliances. Often, the customer has to ask for these choices. Just saving on that space, can open up more room. There are also smaller microwaves, toaster ovens and other items as well. Ensure that the placement of any larger appliances is truly making good use of the kitchen space. Sometimes simply moving the appliances can create more space or at least the illusion of space. If your kitchen has an island, bar or table, consider paring down the size of these furnishings too. Some tables and islands come with removable or folding leaves to be put up only when in use.

Focus more on improving the flow pattern in your tiny kitchen. This means figuring out the best way to better that triangle area between counter tops to appliances to sink region. When this space is highly functional, the kitchen doesn’t seem as cramped, and cooking is far easier as well. Also consider extending your kitchen ceiling higher if there is currently a dropped ceiling. Adding space upwards can again give more room and a feeling of spaciousness.

The types of colors used in a small kitchen can make a dramatic difference in how the area feels and looks. Take time to investigate color and other decor tricks used by top interior designers when working with smaller kitchens. Adding different flooring can also make a kitchen seem bigger. Some homeowners are able to knock out a wall to expand the kitchen space outward. This type of kitchen remodel requires an experienced contractor able to determine if there is appropriate support to do this move. Sometimes, even opening up part of a wall by use of cutout or bar counter can still open up the space nicely.

When deciding on how to renovate or upgrade your smaller kitchen, find qualified kitchen contractors through an online professional service locator. This is a fast method for picking the best local contractor able to offer more solutions for less.


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