Gas powered vs Electric weed eater

With the passage of time it feels like diversity is taking over everything. The world is full of options for things as small as what types of socks to where to matters as big as which type of private jet to buy and although diversity and options are supposed to be a good thing but more than often they tend to create confusions. Too many options also mean too many things to choose from which has the ability to leave the mind in an uncomfortable situation. The situation is no better when it comes to choosing string trimmers. With rapid advancements in technology a lot of options have been created in terms of weed eaters. To consider two of them, gas powered weed eaters and electric weed eaters, there is a debate about which one is better. There are proponents and opponents for both of them and both them have their pros and cons.

Battle of the trimmers

The options have been created and the products have been put forward in the market. Now it is our job to compare gas weed eater vs electric and contrast the features.

Let’s begin by evaluating gas powered trimmers. They are definitely the most powerful weed trimmers. They are easier for on ground use because with them one does not need to worry about having an electric plug nearby or even about charging batteries to run the full course. Simply refilling the gas can get the trimmer going at full speed again. It also does not limit you while trimming since it is not attached to any wires so one can move and trim around freely without any worries. They can also multi task by acting as brush cutters when needed. However they do have their own sets of disadvantages. They run on gas and while it may have its advantages it is definitely more expensive than electricity. The gas powered weed eaters require regular maintenance and tuning which can be quite exhausting at times.

Having studied the pros and cons of gas powered weed eaters let us now see what the electric weed eaters have in store for us. To begin with compare gas weed eater vs electric, they are light weight which is a major plus point because when you’re working long hours in the garden, working with a heavy machine can be an added burden. They also don’t create any disturbing noise so one can walk off without feeling drained and fatigued after all the work is done. Probably the most tempting feature of electric weed cutters is that they are the lightest on the pocket so you don’t have to spend all that extra money just for cutting weeds in your lawn. It is quite low maintenance as well. All that needs to be done to keep increase their life is to keep them clean and that’s it. Similarly all that is needed to keep them running for a longer time is an electric cord so you can cut weeds for as long as you want if there is a stable electricity connection available. Giving a look to their downside, they limit you to a distance which means you can only go as far as the cord or in case of a cordless trimmer you can only work as long as the battery lasts.

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