The Benefits of Having Natural Light in Your Home

Natural light is a beautiful alternative to having bright overhead lights constantly blazing in your home. It doesn’t cost a penny and can open up any space within seconds, revealing a gorgeous, light-filled area of the home. But there are so many other benefits to opening up your home to natural light as much as you can. Whether you want to increase the natural light in your home for aesthetic reasons or you’re interested in its mood-boosting properties, read on to learn how you can shape your home and boost energy with natural light.

It’s a Natural Anti-Depressant

Anyone who has gone to a doctor or therapist for depression in recent years has most likely been ordered to get more natural sunlight. While it’s certainly not a cure-all, increasing your exposure to natural light has been shown to have mood-boosting and energy-enhancing effects on the human brain. Studies have shown that natural light increases productivity and encourages our brains to increase our serotonin levels, which creates a feeling of happiness and balance. A lack of serotonin is the reason many adults suffer from aseasonal-affective disorder in the winter. Opening up your home as daylight hours decrease might just be the thing to boost your mood in the early months of the year.

It Saves Money

It goes without saying that natural light is a cost-effective alternative to artificial light. If you want to drastically cut down on your electricity and power bills, consider opening more areas of your home up to natural light. If you already have window treatments in place, or if there are parts of your home that need updating in order to let the light in, consider calling a professional, trusted service, like Renewal by Andersen window replacement.

It Helps You Sleep

Strange as it may seem, proper exposure to sunlight is actually great for our circadian rhythms, which help us get the right amount of sleep at night. Studies have shown that without the right exposure to natural light each day, an adult’s sleep cycle can be cut off by as much as two hours of sleep. In other words, if your body isn’t being exposed to the right amount of light, it won’t know what to do in the dark. If you allow yourself to fully experience the daylight, your brain will be better equipped to give you a full night’s rest.

It Adds to Design

In addition to opening up rooms and creating new dimensions to older, closed-in spaces, natural light can actually enhance a room’s design and expose the beauty of its architecture. When homes are initially designed, it’s with sunlight in mind. For this reason, many spaces will feature angles and lines that try to replicate the natural pathway of the sun. Homes are created with both illumination and shading in mind, and natural light plays a big part in enriching the design of the space. When you allow light into your home, you’re not only brightening up the space, you’re using that space as the original architects intended.

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