4 Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Home

Cleaning your home can be a daunting and evening frightening thing. Even the most organised of homemakers put off or rescheduled domestic cleaning once in a while.

This often happens because they don’t know what to avoid when cleaning their home. This feeling is only amplified if you move to a larger house. So, to save yourself some time, effort, and help you clean your home better we’ve included four things that you should avoid when cleaning.

1. Don’t Clean Rooms Randomly

When you set out to clean your home do so with a system in mind. Don’t simply pick random rooms to clean. Cleaning randomly will disorganise your project. If you’re disorganised you’re more likely to miss a room when cleaning and have to go back. It is much better to clean your home from the top floor to the bottom floor. With a system, it will be far easier to ensure that everything is squeaky clean.

2. Avoid Using a Broom to Sweep The Floor

Sweeping with a broom simply isn’t the best way to get rid of pollen and dust. Sweeping this way can actually worsen or exacerbate dust problems. When you sweep, you’ll just drive dust particles away and transfer them into the air. When they are airborne, they can move to your furniture or even to your home appliances. Use vacuum cleaners instead to pick up all the dust particles. Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter or high-efficiency particular air filter that can suck tiny dust particles.

3. Avoid Your Kids and Pets When Cleaning Your Home

Do not clean if your children or pets are at home. Let your kids play outside or allow them to play with the neighbour’s children. This is especially true if your child is allergic to dust. Not to mention that your kids can accidentally get in the way of your cleaning.

Your pets could also disrupt your cleaning project if you let them run around your home while you’re cleaning. Let them play in the backyard for a while, while you clean, just make sure to wipe off their paws before they come inside. No one wants muddy paws on a freshly mopped floor after all.

4. Avoid Doing All Your Cleaning at One Time

If you have a big home, don’t plan to do all the cleaning work at once unless you hire a domestic cleaner who can expertly tackle any project.

If you’re cleaning on your own plan to tackle your cleaning in steps. Do a bit at a time throughout the week. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself rushing to clean as you get tired. If you’re rushing things won’t be cleaned properly which will defeat the purpose altogether.

Now that you’ve read these top tips you’re all set to tackle your domestic cleaning projects with ease. Simply remember to create a cleaning system, use a vacuum, clean when you’re pets or kids aren’t running around and tackle it in steps a bit at a time throughout the week.


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