Home Improvement Guide: Solving the Problem of Old Piping Systems

Are you experiencing leaks or other problems with the pipes in your houses or commercial buildings? Due to old age and wear and tear, pipes may crack or spring a leak in a few places. The problem would be easy to resolve if the actual plumbing system is exposed where access is easy. However, most are hidden and this is where problems would arise. One of the questions to ask would be with regards to the approach of solving the problem.

The first question to ask is this. Would a pipe renovation project be better or installation of a completely new pipe system? Many factors would need to be considered before a decision could be made. Among these would include the age of the system, the materials that the pipes are made of and if the structure can be vacated or not.

A complete relaying of the plumbing system would cause major disruption in the household or building as all hidden pipes would have to be exposed. On the other hand if considering pipe renovation, there are several methods used which cause minor inconveniences unlike disruption caused by changing the system.

Some methods used in renovating include cement mortar lining and epoxy spray lining. Basically these methods use techniques or systems where material is inserted into the pipes and used to coat the original to form new pipes. This would of course involve cleaning and drying the inside of the PVC before insertion of the material.

Another method is the slip lining solutions. In this method, pipes are inserted into the current piping system, in other words, slipped into the existing pipes. The method is often used in water mains and had the disadvantage of reducing the diameter of the tube. Other methods include lining cast iron pipes with PE in the technique known as live insertion or the use of deformed pipe lining. In deformed pipe lining, basically a PE tube that is folded into a c shape is inserted and pressurized to “unfold” or round out and fit the outer/original pipe.

To choose the best solution for problematic pipes, it is best to consult experts in pipe systems. Research the companies and check out the methods they use. Additionally, look at the reputation of the company and ask for referrals when necessary. Pipe systems should last for a long time and it is best to go with the ideal solution.