Home Improvement Guide: Maintaining Your Garage Door

Maintaining your garage doors is essential to ensure that you have a safe, effective and operating system and to prevent any type of accidents that may occur. Maintaining your door should be done every quarter especially if you have an electric door opener. Most homeowners forget to lubricate their doors causing wear and tear to happen as well as scraping or binding problems. Loose bolts may also occur for wooden doors as well.

Maintaining your Garage Door

Homeowners who own metal garage doors would require minimal maintenance; however, one should follow cleaning guidelines to ensure that the door’s protective coating will last for several years. More often than not, using basic cleaning ingredients such as soap and plain water can ensure that the door is free from dirt and any mildew that accumulates over time. It is important that one does not use any strong type of cleaning ingredient as this would damage the metal surface. In case one needs to repaint their metal doors, it is necessary to apply mineral spirit to the surface to remove any waxes. An excellent primer is also needed to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface.

For automatic garage opener owners, testing the system monthly ensures that the whole system works perfectly and prevents any problem from occurring. One of the best ways to ensure smoothness of operation is via the reversal test. Since 1993, the federal law requires all garage door openers to have the reversal feature as well as a “photo eye” to ensure that one is not trapped inside the garage.

To conduct the reversal test, homeowners should first ensure that the door is balanced and if it is, they should continue with the rest of the steps. Put an obstruction piece under the door and push the transmitter to close the door. The door should reverse upon hitting the obstruction piece and if not, homeowners should call a professional technician to check and repair the garage door.

Aside from the balance of the door, one should also check the high tension springs, brackets or cables to ensure that all are in tiptop condition. Lubricating the springs with pre-approved lubricants will make sure that the springs stay in good condition and prevent any wear and tear for a long time. It is also important to check the door manual especially as some doors may have other features that others do not which need additional care.