Improve Your Home’s Natural Lighting and Ventilation with French Windows

French windows and doors tend to be pricey, but the overall value they add to your home makes them well worth it. Apart from looking beautiful, they’re also highly practical if you want lots of natural light and air at home. Characterized by lots of glass, often minimalist but artful framing, and the ability to open all the way for maximum ventilation, this classic design adds a luxurious touch to any home. And if you’re considering having some work done, whether in a modern or a traditional part of the house, this style can match and improve any room’s decoration dynamic.

French Windows Offer Maximum Natural Ventilation

In the strictest sense, natural ventilation means using wind and other natural occurrences (such as the rising of warm air) to regulate indoor temperature and climate. While corporate buildings and other huge structures require mechanical or automated forms of ventilation to sufficiently move hot air, a typical home can be fully and comfortably ventilated through natural means. And one of the best ways to do this is via french style windows.

Simply open them all the way to let in some air and lower the temperature at home. But what if it’s winter? No worries: whether in a warm, temperate, or cold climate, French windows offer practicality as well as beauty. If you live in a climate that experiences extreme cold during certain times of the year, you can still install French windows. Just make sure they’re equipped with the type of proper insulation that can stand up to winter cold. This means good weather seals, insulating spacers, low-emissivity (or low-e) coatings, and if possible, even insulating inert gasses between window panes – all of which are characteristics of a reliably insulated window.

French Doors and Windows Offer Maximum Natural Lighting

Because most of the surface is glass, both French doors and windows are very good choices if you want lots of natural light to enter your home – perfect for rooms like the study, the kitchen, or the living room. In the bedroom, French style doors and windows are best paired with blackout curtains or blackout curtain liners that can keep out the light when you’re already lying in bed and trying to sleep. As much as natural light is good for the home during the day, it’s best to keep out the light during bedtime.

If you have any rooms in your home that don’t have any windows, installing French style doors is a good way to let in some ambient light from other rooms. The effect can even mimic the ambient leaking-in of light from actual windows – a great substitute for natural sources of light in rooms that don’t have any.

Whether you’re interested in the classic French style that instantly creates luxurious spaces at home, or more modern and practical interpretations of the design, there’s a French door and/or window that will fit your intended look and feel for your home.

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