How To Keep Your Carpets Healthy In Between Professional Cleanings:

As you may have gleaned from our previous blog entries, and as our valued customers are advised, it is recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned once per annum. This action will ensure that you get the maximum lifespan possible out of your carpets, saving you money in the long run, (with not having to replace your carpets in half the time they really could potentially last). However, there are some things you can do in between these professional appointments, that will guarantee the good health of your carpets, all the year round.

Invest in Mats for Every External Entrance:

This might seem like a bit of a no brainer to some, but this can really make a massive difference to your carpets. You would be surprised with the amount of dirt and grime that can be carried into your home from outside in the street, or in your back garden. Having these mats to wipe your feet immediately upon entering your home will result in less dirt being transferred to your internal carpets, meaning the job of cleaning them becomes a whole lot easier for you, in your routine clean.

Make Sure Your Vacuum is Calibrated Correctly:

Another thing you can do to make sure your carpets are in the best condition possible is to make sure that your vacuum cleaner is set to the correct height setting for the type of carpet you are attending to. A lot of people use the “hard floor” height setting as their default setting, never changing this at all. This can be damaging to your carpets fibers which compromises the surface of the carpet, shortening it’s lifespan, and allowing more dirt etc to sink down deep into the pile. Check your vacuum today, to ensure that, if there is a height setting, that it is calibrated correctly.

Hire Cleaning Machinery:

Another thing you can do in between professional cleaning is to hire out cleaning equipment, such as steamers. While not as thorough as a professional cleaning, it will give you a more complete clean that a vacuum or store bought detergent or cleaning products alone can give. Just make sure to go easy when it comes to the steaming process, as if the carpets become saturated, and are not dried sufficiently, shrinkage and mold growth can occur. These are major problems, which may lead to you having to replace your carpets.

Clean Stains Immediately:

A very important thing you can do is not to ignore stains as they arise. It can be very easy to see something like coffee spill against a dark carpet, and choose to leave it for a little while, as it is not visible. This is a pretty bad decision, as that same coffee is sinking deeper down into your carpet, where you don’t want it to be!

Following these steps in between professional cleanings will lengthen your carpet’s life!

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